If you need emergency service, please call 772-307-9372
If your air conditioning is under performing, we can fix the problem. Having successfully serviced and installed every type of HVAC system from trailers to hospitals, we are the one stop shop for peace of mind. While we don't do major ductwork installs or replacements, we will gladly add drops or repair any damaged ductwork. Our diagnosis fee is included in the dispatch so that you won't have to worry about any additional fees prior to us finding the issue and providing a price to repair it. We provide the price to repair upfront in the form of labor, parts and a part pick up fee for the parts we don't have on the truck. Same day and 24/7 emergency service available, even on holidays.

Standard Dispatch and Diagnosis Fee $50

Mon-Fri 8am - 6pm

Emergency Dispatch and Diagnosis Fee $100

Outside of normal business hours

Hourly Rate $80/hour

Holidays $120/hour

Parts pick up fee $40

*Service rates for repairs available upon request
Call anytime to schedule service, if service is scheduled outside of normal business hours then the emergency fee will apply.

Contract customers do not pay a dispatch and diagnosis fee for standard or emergency service. Contract customers do not pay service rates for repairs, labor is waived for all service and most parts are covered.


If your unit has served its lifetime and become unreliable, we can provide a free estimate to install a new, higher efficiency unit that will perform better and save you money on your electric bill. Our installs are permitted with the respective municipality and inspected after completion to ensure they are done properly and in compliance with modern codes.

We prefer to install Goodman and Champion units. Goodman is an affordable unit known for its reliability. Champion is a higher end unit with an option for a 10 year labor warranty from the manufacturer. Having an affordable unit and a higher end unit provides us more options to meet the requirements of our customers.

Here are some ball park estimates just meant to provide you with an idea of our price if you are shopping around: the minimum SEER value (efficiency) is 14 SEER, a 3.5 ton Goodman would cost around $4,000 for us to install and a Champion would be around $5,500 with the 10 year labor warranty. If you would like a proper estimate, feel free to call us at anytime to schedule.

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