Coil freezing up? Outdoor unit not running? One room significantly hotter than the rest?

Good News! We provide 24/7 HVAC-R service for residential and commercial customers. Dispatch fee includes full diagnosis of the issue. We will always provide the total cost prior to completing service and be forthcoming with any possible multi-tier issues. You don't like surprise costs and neither do we. Honesty in service is our first priority.

Standard Dispatch and Diagnosis fee

Residential $50
Commercial $75

Mon-Fri 6am - 6pm

Emergency Dispatch and Diagnosis fee

Residential $100
Commercial $125

Outside of normal business hours

Veterans and First Responders benefit from 10% off all service. Thank you!
Call anytime to schedule service, if service is scheduled outside of normal business hours then the emergency fee will apply.

Contract customers do not pay a dispatch and diagnosis fee for standard or emergency service. Contract customers do not pay service rates for repairs, labor is waived for all service and most parts are covered.


If your unit has served its lifetime and become unreliable, we can provide a free estimate to install a new, higher efficiency unit that will perform better and save you money on your electric bill. Our installs are permitted with the respective municipality and inspected after completion to ensure they are done properly and in compliance with current codes.

We prefer to install Champion equipment, a sister company to York, due to their 10 year all parts, all labor warranty. Champion offers many high efficiency applications for both residential and commercial applications.

Currently offering $500 off any complete system changeouts!

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