You know that changing your filters and clearing your drains are quick easy ways to maintain your system. Using pleated filters and changing them every 1-3 months is all it takes to prevent an impacted coil. Pouring some bleach into your P-trap when you change your filters will prevent your drain from clogging up. But what about the less frequent items? We offer 3 maintenance programs for residential customers: annual check up, annual service, and a maintenance contract.
For our commercial customers, we need to build a custom program. There are too many differences to try to account for when providing umbrella programs. Please contact us with your needs and we would be happy to provide you with an estimate our of maintenance services.


We go through your system and look for any issues. Common issues include contactors, capacitors, dirty coils and low refrigerant levels. After the check up, we bring these issues to your attention so that you are aware of them and can make the decision to correct them.


After cleaning your coils and and topping off your refrigerant if necessary, we perform the annual check up to bring any additional issues to your attention. The annual maintenance also provides a 15% discount to all services call for the following year.


Our “$1 a day” maintenance contract covers a comprehensive annual visit where we document any issues found and act to repair these deficiencies at no cost to you including:

Contactor and Capacitor Replacement

These two parts should be changed every 2-3 years to prevent a minor issue from becoming a major issue.

Coil Cleanings

Both your indoor and outdoor coils build up particulate on the fins causing a drop in efficiency and performance; annual cleanings help ensure your unit remains running all year long.

Acid Testing

As your compressor ages, it may begin to overheat causing the refrigerant to turn into acid. While this problem is treatable, often it is not found until after the compressor has failed.

Our contract is also a warranty. All dispatch, diagnosis and labor fees are completely waived for any service calls. The only parts not covered by the contract are motors, coils, compressors and circuits boards; all of which are covered by the manufacturer warranty. Our contract, when paired with a manufacturer parts warranty, means no cost to you for any service performed.

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